Kaspi.kz - Презентация новых сервисов

Kaspi.kz – презентация новых сервисов компании

Kaspi.kz requested a large-scale presentation of new services. Our team proposed several ideas for the concept of the event, but everyone liked the idea of ​​forming the Kaspi.kz ecosystem the most. With the help of three-dimensional spheres, it was shown what services and products the company's ecosystem consists of. Each sphere was revealed and told a more detailed story about each service.

The presentation hall around the perimeter was furnished with LED screens that turned into a stage.

Guests entering the auditorium were completely immersed in the new space of the ecosystem thanks to the content and lighting effects.

During the presentation of the new cartomat, for the first time in Kazakhstan, we used the synchronization of laser equipment and content. The LED screen showed the formation of a bank card, on which data was engraved using a real laser, the beam of which passed through the entire auditorium.

Also during the presentation, we displayed the broadcast on the LED screen both from the speaker's mobile device and from the vending machine itself.

  • TBWA
Студийные сервисы
  • Modeling, animation, motion design, sound
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