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Unique interactive installations for successful company positioning

The fundamental difference between modern interactive technologies is that the viewer influences the process of obtaining data and contacts the objects himself. Efficiency gives immersion in the visual environment, active participation and involvement in the action unfolding before our eyes. This approach to the presentation of a brand, product, product, service or event is guaranteed to influence recognition and loyalty.




Child parks


Exhibition stands


Interaction installations


Interactive installations are an effective marketing tool and an indispensable support for your product. They are widely used in the following areas:



Creation and revival of unique exhibits, interior items and dynamic systems.



A clear and visual representation of the essence of the product, processes and their use.



We will develop digital activity within your company brand.



Fabulous light parks and spaces that respond to visitors.

Training apparatus

Training apparatus

Imitation of control of any process, equipment or vehicle.

Commercial premises

Commercial premises

Entrance groups, halls, showcases and interiors will become more noticeable.


Our team has extensive experience in developing interactive solutions in areas such as advertising, business, entertainment, art spaces, etc. All our solutions are not only technically thought out, but also filled with high-quality creative content.

Games and APPs

We will create solutions with author's computer graphics, VR and AR elements to promote your products or for other purposes.

Projections gallery

Combining many projectors into one system, we create large-scale living canvases, projection planetariums, children's projection coloring books and many other installations.

Exhibition stands

The exhibition equipment industry is a dynamic structure, trends in it are constantly changing. The winner is the one who uses innovative solutions. Exhibition stands will tell about you in the best way, bring new customers and interest investors. Modern trends are to combine different resources to achieve a wow effect. Our company uses a wide range of advertising, engineering solutions and technologies.

Interaction installations

An interactive display is a great way to tell your products in a fun way and engage customers. With the help of LED screens, microcontrollers, multi-touch systems, QR interaction and other innovative tools, it is much easier to convey information about your advantages and stand out from competitors.

Light installations

We create smart illumination of trees, fountains, architectural forms and other street objects. We will introduce microcontrollers, thanks to which the viewer will be able to control installations using gestures, voice, smartphone, touch screen and other input devices.

AR and VR solutions

We develop augmented reality applications for smartphones and tablets. As well as non-standard solutions with large screens and interaction mechanisms. This technology will present and show the components of any object, from diagrams and drawings, to setting up materials and integrating into a real environment. And with the help of animation, it will demonstrate all the features and functions of the product.

Our advantages

We make interactive installations and spaces convenient for clients


Our work in this direction

Our process

Our company implements a project approach to production. Developing a creative concept, selecting the necessary equipment, creating video content and providing technical support during the event.

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