Air Astana - Exhibition Stand

Interactive exhibition stand for Air Astana

The country's leading airline "Air Astana" has submitted a request to develop an interactive exhibition stand.

It was important for the client to show the versatility of aviation both in the use of materials and technology.

When developing the design of the stand, many points were taken into account, from the choice of forms to the thoughtfulness of the ergonomics of the stand.

The main composition of the stand was represented by two parts in the form of a vertical tail stabilizer of the aircraft. One part was made of glass with an engraving of the national ornament, which was used in the accessories of the airline. The second part was sheathed in metal with rivets, in the style of aircraft metal.

The floor of the booth was also sheathed in metal with rivets, part of the floor was glass, under the glass there was a green composition created from various types of decorative moss and succulents. This space symbolized the green forest as a symbol of the constant feeling of life through travel.
The stand also featured the airline's business class passenger seats, the seats were fully functional, and each stand participant could feel like a business class passenger.

The main interactive part of the booth was a 3D VR tour of the aircraft, the participants could visit the cockpit, the kitchen, as well as go to business class and economy class. It was also possible to sit in the passenger seats in VR, open tables, turn on the lights and even try out the multimedia system by listening to music or watching airline videos.

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