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A full cycle of work on the creation of atmospheric scenes using new technologies for any event

Innovative technology opens up new possibilities in stage design. It's time to realize the most daring ideas that have never been imagined before possible. Create any unimaginable location and amaze the audience with breathtaking stories. We offer a full cycle of work on the creation of digital scenery. Development of creative concepts of the future scene, selection of the necessary equipment, creation of video content and providing technical support during the event.


Digital decorations


Large venue concerts


Theatrical stages


Cybersport tournaments


In the business world and in the society among people, products and services continue to be met by clothes. Therefore, it is very important to present yourself in a favorable light



Immerse the audience in the atmosphere of a theatrical play, musical or operetta.



Digital scenery will decorate any concert. We create decorations for the theme of songs.



Stage design at festivals creates an atmosphere, conveys a theme, and enhances the visual experience of the audience.



An entertainment or business event must be accompanied by high-quality graphics.


To develop spectacular scenes, we integrate various technological solutions and multimedia equipment. From a sketch to an event, we realize a stage of any complexity.

LED mapping

With LED screens, realistic 3D graphics and specialized software, you get limitless possibilities in quantity, size, forms and variety of stage decorations that the viewer will not be able to distinguish from real. The stage will literally come to life in front of the audience. Such decorations are fantastic effect and at the same time save time, space and budget.

Projection mapping

With the help of multimedia projectors, we can bring any static scenery to life. On the basis of three-dimensional models, a picture is formed with a drawing and emphasis on large and small details. Such three-dimensional visualization will change any object beyond recognition.

Holographic solutions

Holographic projection has great potential and offers an excellent field for creative experiments. From a small format presentation installation to a show world level. The technology allows the image to appear on an invisible plane in space, riveting the viewer's attention and creating a WOW effect. This technology can combine live choreography and objects into a projection, make performers levitate, disappear, teleport and instantly appear on stage. Holography will make your presentation or show technological and memorable.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality in scenography is the youngest and most exciting tool. Basically, this format is suitable for television or online broadcasting. Thanks to this technology, absolutely all boundaries are erased and any previously unimaginable scenarios and ideas are realized.

Interaction solutions

Generative graphics, kinetic systems, roboarm, motion capture... For the most creative directors, we can implement additional interactive solutions. These will not be template and unique solutions.


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Our company implements a project approach to production. Developing a creative concept, selecting the necessary equipment, creating video content and providing technical support during the event.

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