Bala Dausy – Children's Concert

Bala Dausy – digital decoracions for children's concert

In 2020, the organizers of the children's song contest "Bala Dauysy" contacted us to develop visual support for the participants. Each child has his own song and his own story. After analyzing the scenarios of all the songs, we came up with our own unique digital 3D decoration for LED screens for each number of the child.

The main screensaver of the event looked so voluminous that many organizers thought that there were live scenery on the stage. The screen saver was made in a Broadway retro style. In addition to decorating the participants' rooms, we also developed individual business cards for each participant.
Our team approached each room with soul and full imagination.
For example, one of the songs was called "Planet of the Song", we combined the theme of space and music together. They made the sphere of Saturn in the form of a disco ball, and the disk of the planet was made in the form of a vinyl record that rotated in a circle.

For one of the numbers they made a dollhouse, which opened up and consisted of many rooms and two floors, the participant of this number felt like a little barbie doll.

Each digital decoration was individual and made in a different style, the children of the participants, the organizers of the competition and the audience were delighted with the numbers.


  • Zhandanu Alemi
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  • Modeling, animation, motion design.
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