EFES - Motivational Event

Motivational event for Efes company

World famous beer producer Efes needed a unique approach to host a motivational event for his team. The answer was an event in the style of batyrs and football, the purpose of which was to inspire and unite employees, as well as to demonstrate the importance of teamwork.

Stage development was a key moment in our approach. We created digital decorations that mimicked the Efes stadium, further emphasizing the football theme of the event. Event participants could immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a real football match. To ensure maximum audience engagement, we developed animated presentations and personalized business cards for speakers. The creation of the event's intro and the organization of dance performances set the tone for the entire event, supporting the spirit of sports competition and teamwork. These elements highlighted the uniqueness and dynamism of the event, creating an energetic and engaging environment. The result of our work was a successful event that exceeded all expectations and inspired Efes employees to achieve new successes. The unique combination of football theme and batur elements created a dynamic and energetic environment, focusing attention on the importance of teamwork.

  • Efes
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  • Modeling, stage design, motion design, presentations
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